A report on tendering process and the role of the architecture

A final inspection is carried out at the end of this period, to check items which may require attention before releasing the builder from the contract.

types of tendering process

Certifier — approving and certifying any changes and variations, any claims for payment and any alterations in the time frame. It makes economic sense, therefore, not to overburden the participants with unnecessary information requirements, and to concentrate on those which are relevant to the work which is to be undertaken.

Both involve the invitation of tenders from firms on a pre-approved or ad hoc list, chosen because they meet certain minimum standards in general criteria such as financial standing, experience, capability and competence.

tender procurement process

The contractor refused since this was not normal procedure. Regular site inspections and meetings are held to monitor progress.

Tendering process in construction

The competition element of the tender is provided on the basis of price and quality. It is generally the builder who applies for the building permit, as it is the builder whom the permit is issued using their building registration number. The two most commonly used methods of tendering are single-stage selective tendering or two-stage selective tendering. Indeed, some of the timescales prescribed by European procurement legislation may be shortened if electronic communications are used. Building Permit A Building Permit is the approval required prior to commencing construction. MCG often work with the assistance of specialist sub-consultants and engineers who join the team under separate agreements with the client. The employer had committed a clear breach of the principles of the tendering procedures set down in the Code.

It should adopt and observe the key values of fairness, clarity, simplicity and accountability, as well as reinforce the idea that the apportionment of risk to the party best placed to assess and manage it is fundamental to the success of a project. Larger projects may require a team of up to six or ten specialists.

Seven contractors were invited to tender for the works; and six contractors did so. Tendering is a very sensitive period because of the amount of people and effort involved in preparing the price and the size of the stakes.

tendering procedure
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Tendering procedure and architects’ duties