A review of the physick book of deliverance dane written by katherine howe

But early modern people lived in a world that largely predated science, operating without sophisticated understanding of the difference between correlation and causation.

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In the book, the house Connie is supposed to be cleaning up has no electricity. This book left me hungry for Carolyn See in the Washington Post wrote, "This charming novel is both a tale of New England grad-student life in and the Salem witch hunts in I can't remember the last time I encountered a work with a plot as utterly banal as is the one underlying the modern-day sections of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.

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The author breathes such life into Deliverance Dane and her daughter, Mercy, and yet somehow can't manage the same with the other entities she creates. We first meet Deliverance in the prologue in where she has been called to the bedside of a dying five-year-old girl. Sensible Connie is so different from her new-age mother.

Library Journal This enjoyable novel is too slow-paced to be considered a thriller, but it's a solid selection that may appeal to readers who enjoyed recent novels about Salem's witches. The year was before the big internet explosion with e-mail and online search engines and all the electronic ephemera that have changed how many of us look for information.

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Plot summary[ edit ] Harvard graduate student Connie Goodwin needs to spend her summer doing research for her doctoral dissertation.

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