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impact of labour turnover on organisational performance

Policy choice, however, must be appropriate to the precise diagnosis of the problem. Therefore, if employee turnover is not managed properly it would affect the organization adversely in terms of personnel costs and in the long run it would affect its liquidity position. Participants were invited and the research explained the rationale for conducting research.

It is thus important that a company does all it can to support its employees and give them reasons for staying with the company.

Indications are that employees are more likely to stay when there is a predictable work environment and vice versa Zuber, Is there any relationship between employee motivation and employee turnover? Supervisors should communicate effectively more so that they form part of the management where decisions are made and they should be able to cascade to their junior counsels what is agreed upon and also engage them to take their suggestions to management.

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The scientific method describes the components of scientific research-its object, the subject matter of analysis, the tasks and problems of research, and the complete set of research methods necessary for solving a given problem. They not only assisted me, but their generosity in time helped me throughout the research process. The smaller number of people typically involved in qualitative research studies and the greater degree of flexibility does not make the study in any way "less scientific" than a typical quantitative study involving more subjects and carried out in a much more rigid manner. To determine factors leading to high staff turnover; and To recommend solutions to retain workforce. They concluded that when high performers are insufficiently rewarded, they quit. The research hypotheses were also tested. Employee turnover has long concerned companies and researchers. Sampling considerations Larger sample sizes are more accurate representations of the whole The sample size chosen is a balance between obtaining a statistically valid representation, and the time, energy, money, labour, equipment and access available A sampling strategy made with the minimum of bias is the most statistically valid Most approaches assume that the parent population has a normal distribution where most items or individuals clustered close to the mean, with few extremes. Various theories and research models will be used to validate or disprove the theory of a happy worker is a productive worker. This expertise can be drafting of Acts, bills and handling of certain cases. The insights into the reasons why staff left the department were due to unproductive working conditions that materialized after the department was moved from Ministry of State President to Ministry of Defense Justice and Security. Using economic model they showed that people quit from organization due to economic reasons and these can be used to predict the labour turnover in the market.

To determine factors leading to high staff turnover; and To recommend solutions to retain workforce. This resulted in tension associated with being overworked yet Lawyers were expected to report rottenly.

And how their seniors can avoid turnover by providing them what they really want.

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That they are appreciated for their effort and chances of leaving the organization are minimal. Companies incur direct and indirect expenses, which include the cost of advertising, headhunting fees, human resource costs, loss of productivity, new hire training, and customer retention, every time they have to replace an employee. The digital age has offered the researcher the benefits to eradicate the precincts by making research itinerant. When an employee can no longer stand the tension in the workplace, he may opt to leave the organization. It is about recording, analyzing and attempting to uncover the deeper meaning and significance of human behavior and experience, including contradictory beliefs, behaviors and emotions. A Microsoft excel will be used as the main data analysis tools. The imposition of a quantitative approach to managing the employees led to disenchantment of staff and hence it leads to labour turnover. A number of employee turnover prediction models have been proposed to determine early findings of unexpected turnover, and therefore give company management enough time to respond. Even the line supervisors were incapable of delineating the tribulations suitably and recommend what would and would not work. Manu et al.
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