Action research on reading difficulty

It is the responsibility of every teacher, every administrator and every parent.

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Lastly, the reader is unable to decode the written word: The decoding of the written word is a very important aspect of the reading act. Center et al.

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What we need to do is not complicated. Teacher support provided during each of these activities is designed to enhance what are referred to as children's self-extending systems; that is, children are encouraged to use multiple sources of information while reading and writing and to engage in literacy activity using a problem-solving approach, monitoring for the effectiveness with which they are making sense of the text.

Action research on reading problems

If stories are read together, a sense of closeness develops a rare type of bonding and sharing experiences. Most of the pupils in this barangay walk to and from the school as the only means of transportation here is tricycle, motorcycle and tribike. Children spend up to six hours a day with their teachers, So the teacher is a very significant person in their life. It is education that will help them to be assets as future generations that will lead our society. Who knows, you may inspire a child for years to come. Dauber and Joyce L. Without being able to decode the written word, reading comprehension is impossible. Parental involvement leads to positive outcomes for pupils especially so around the ages of 7 or 8 Miedel and Reynolds, Children who were assigned to the modified condition achieved criterion performance more quickly than children in the standard condition. There are now a number of publications asking the question, "Does Reading Recovery work? Similar analyses and conclusions have been presented by Hiebert a and Shanahan and Barr Parents should also offer to be in the classroom one hour or two a week, if only to make a significant difference in the lives of the children. These authors point out that, although Clay provides clear evidence that children improve on measures that she has designed, there is no evaluation for transfer to Page Share Cite Suggested Citation:"8.

Similar analyses and conclusions have been presented by Hiebert a and Shanahan and Barr Research shows that there seems to be a consensus that parents want to help their children at school but may not know how best to do this Weinberger, Clay's own research regarding Reading Recovery in New Zealand Clay, has been criticized, in particular by Nicholson and Robinson

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