An overview of the use of lasers in plastic surgery

Lasers work in cosmetic applications through a process called " selective photothermolysis.

Ablation of conductive pathways After it was discovered that the pulmonary veins PV are an important source of ectopic beats that lead to the paroxysms of atrial fibrillation AFthe development of catheter ablation devices was inspired for circumferential PV isolation PVI Results What is laser skin resurfacing?

Ion lasers, such as the argon and krypton laser, operate similarly to gas lasers, except they ionize the active medium.

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Pulsed dye lasers have also shown some success, along with less aggressive nonlaser, light-based treatments, such as IPL and LED photofacials. Original skin resurfacing techniques involved using ablative CO2 and Er:YAG laser systems to target a specific portion of the dermis.

Thanks for your feedback! Lithotripsy Laser lithotripsy has been a widely accepted technique for the fragmentation of urinary and biliary stones for the past few decades This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers.

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Laser applications in surgery