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This connection between our species is what prompted the United States Department of Agriculture and the Farm Service Agency to develop the Conservation Reserve Program to put honeybee habitat conservation and honey bee health at the forefront of beekeepers and crop growers minds. Scientists also study the animals in the wild in order to understand what may be affecting their population. The Bush administration lifted a policy that required federal officials to consult a wildlife expert before taking actions that could damage endangered species. Read on to learn which beautiful creatures are most in need of our help, protection and conservation. The largest feline on the planet, it roamed freely from Turkey to Russia. Monarch Butterfly The monarch butterfly is special among all butterfly species because they are the only ones that carry out famous "monarch migration". Golden Eagle Although there are several species of eagle, the golden eagle is the one that comes to mind when they people ask: if you could be a bird, which one would you like to be? The polar bear is a beautiful and fascinating animal. They are often hunted for their fur and deforestation threatens their nesting areas. Tiger The tiger has long been hunted for its distinctive patterned fur. All eight species of pangolin are under threat, ranging from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered. In some cases the invasive species compete with the native species for food or prey on the natives.

Global warming is a significant threat to their cold habitat without which the polar bears will go extinct. More than park guards have been murdered in the National Park of Virunga, where most of these animals live, an indication of the struggle for their preservation.

The disappearance of its habitat caused by logging companies and, most of all, once again, poaching.

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Of the nine tiger subspecies, three are already extinct, many are endangered but it is the South China Tiger and the Sumatran Tiger that currently face the biggest threat to their survival. It is in our best interest to protect the integrity of our global community. In some cases the invasive species compete with the native species for food or prey on the natives. These preserves are large areas of land where animals and their habitat are protected. To keep track of how at risk of becoming extinct a species may be, scientists categorize the level of risk with a different name. Of all the species who became extinct due to interference from mankind, the dodo , passenger pigeon , great auk , Tasmanian tiger and Steller's sea cow are some of the more well known examples; with the bald eagle , grizzly bear , American bison , Eastern timber wolf and sea turtle having been hunted to near-extinction. Some endangered species laws are controversial. Since , polar bears were the first species of vertebrates listed in the Endangered Species Act of the United States. Leatherback turtle Cataloged as the largest and strongest turtle in the world, the leatherback turtle is able to swim incredibly long lengths, from the tropics to the subpolar region. As mentioned before, there is a large market for bigeye tuna. The few who remain alive are kept in captivity. Greater one-horned rhino In the northern portion of India and parts of Nepal, the conservation of the greater one-horned rhino has been an ongoing struggle. Political activism, official legislation, and the work of countless organizations have brought about positive change in regards to conservation. People push these movements and initiatives forward. Actions have been taken to attempt reduction in whaling and increase population sizes, including prohibiting all whaling in United States waters, the formation of the CITES treaty which protects all whales, along with the formation of the International Whaling Commission IWC.

Hunting and loss of habitat are the main reasons for its disappearance. At present there are less than of these tigers.

Animals in danger

Amur Leopard Sincethe amur leopard has been classified by the IUCN as Critically Endangered with less than 70 individuals thought to exist today. The presence of harmful chemicals in the environment, destruction of habitat, and parasitic invasion are some of the main causes cited for this alarming phenomena.

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Next Red tuna In serious danger of extinction, measures are being taken to limit fishing it, since the sushi boom has targeted this fish.

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