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Many countries began ending their relationship with South Africa. Interview — White Person I interviewed a 37 year old General Practitioner who is a mother of two children.

apartheid essay

Describe the Dellum family from America. What happened in Sharpeville on March 21, ?

apartheid examples

In the army only white people could serve main roles like being a soldier, Black people were given supporting roles such as cooking and cleaning. When did free elections first take place and who was the first president?

Possibly the UN was a bit lenient with South Africa regarding apartheid. When was apartheid dismantled? Explain three things the Dellums learned and three things Mahree learned from each other.

Notebooks in complete sentences. The ghettos were often not too far from the cities, so Black people could get to work in the cities easy. It seems that black people, well some of them were not even aware of apartheid. She viewed all people the same and no one told her why blacks were different.

These segregation laws were implemented in spaces such as the work place. Her home language is Afrikaans and showed some difficulty in understanding the questions.

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South African Apartheid Assignment by Dana Belcher on Prezi