Can you write a journal in skyrim

You probably want to write in cursive. Pages should be blank white It might be hard to find a journal without any lines but you might want a blank journal if you want to add something other than just words. As for the actual point of keeping a diary while playing, well, I can think of several.

She also looked like kind of a badass. It even enters the in-game date for each entry for you. I honestly can't recall.

skyrim write your own book

Reputation: 19 I posted this guide long ago in another forum that was dedicated to RP journaling for Skyrim. For example, if your character is arrogant and self-centered, he might write a journal like it's a fluffing autobiography.

Instead of saying 'oh my god', you might want to say 'By the nine divine! Dwarf shortage. Would be quite funny I guess.

notes skyrim

A friend was greatly exaggerating his stealthy adventures in the game and told me he was able to leave notes on peoples bodies after he killed them, that he did it as a trademark after each kill.

Since the site is going down soon, I figured I post it here in honor of that site :] Hope it helps. Your journal doesn't need to be restricted to the in-game material.

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