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It is preferable to use these pages wisely by responding politely and demonstrating that you have carefully considered the comments and suggestions and that you have addressed the issues that were raised. This is a hard deadline established by the federal councils; extensions cannot be granted. Research award recipients will undertake a one-year paid program of research focused on at least one developing country. Trainees are exempt and should answer "No". Funding varies by destination. Read - Select the Correct Research Agency to help you decide. In addition, linking personnel and other costs to specific aims, and explaining your budget request in plain and succinct language will help to ensure that the reviewers understand your budgetary needs. Indicate if the application proposes research involving Indigenous Peoples. Boyarin Williams or Dr. Printed names should always accompany signatures. Date modified:. It is highly recommended that applicants submit their application well ahead of the CIHR deadline. Classification Select the classifications that best describe the proposal from the list provided. These are merit-based fellowships which must be applied for individually. No institutional signatures are required on the pages at the time of application.

Deadlines fluctuate for this award - please contact Ancil Gittens for dates. Gregor Fussmann. Until then, students should apply for the Mobility Award See above. Funding varies by destination. Williams Boyarin aboyarin uvic. No forms are required. By completing one application you will be considered for both CIHR awards.

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Deadline to be announced. Are you eligible? It should demonstrate the commitment of the proposed supervisor s and their institution to support the development of the applicant's research project funding, facilities, equipment, etc.

Even the most seasoned researchers often have to resubmit their applications before they finally succeed in obtaining funding. However, applicants can adjust this to any date prior to the application deadline.

ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award Likely early October for graduate programs to submit draft nomination statement Association for Computing Machinery ACM established the Doctoral Dissertation Award program to recognize and encourage superior research and writing by doctoral candidates in computer science and engineering.

You can only apply to one research agency.

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Before you begin an application, determine which agency to apply to.

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