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Operations and management plan: This section describes how the business functions on a daily basis, its location, equipment, people, processes and surrounding environment.

Think about the numbers—develop pro forma financial statements. Do more research—support your case with data via Small Business Association contacts, annual reports, and competitors in the chosen industry. The executive summary is a synopsis of the entire business plan. Mini plan: The reader may request a mini plan, or a condensed version of your business plan pageswhich includes most of the same components as in a longer traditional plan -- minus the details and explanation.

Do your homework—read some books, explore web resources. Carolyn Sun President Dwight D.

Business plan references

Bankers are interested in businesses that will be successful over the long term and entrepreneurs who will remain committed to the project as described in the business plan. The financial section discusses the current financial state of the company and what types of financing will be required for the proposed venture. So present an achievable sales forecasts based on bottom-upwards information i. To do so requires frequent review and close tracking, says Berry, who met with his management team every month to review the plan versus what actually happened -- and then to revise. On its website, the U. The best way to prepare for running a business is to have all the components of the plan ready. Internal and external assessments should be conducted and then examined.

Pick an academic citation style appropriate to your business. A typical business plan is 15 to 25 pages. Polish your plan to perfection—include a cover page, table of contents, nondisclosure form and an executive summary containing highlights.

A banker's main interest is the repayment of the loan. In this section the company describes the unique elements that make it a prime candidate for its proposed venture.

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Here is a worksheet from Write Your Business Plan that will guide you toward identifying your target market. New York: Penguin Press, The financial data can include your personal financial statement, startup expenses and capital, your projected cash flow statement and month profit-and-loss statement. Projections, trends, and industry outlooks should be included. This shorter plan is not meant to be a substitute for a full-length plan, but serves as an option to present to potential partners or investors. If you have a product that needs to be manufactured, explain the how and where; also, describe your work facility, the personnel, the legal environment such as licensing, permits, special regulations, etc. Think about the numbers—develop pro forma financial statements. The executive summary is a synopsis of the entire business plan. It brings order and direction to an organization and provides a vision of the future that employees throughout the company can put energy into and get excited about. Consider it a journey, not a sprint. These elements provide a solid starting point for a general plan, but there is no single formula to a business plan and a multitude of factors will impact the amount of content needed in a good business plan. Unless the work is considered a business classic, avoid sources over 10 years old. Sara Sutton Fell, founder of FlexJobs , a job site for flexible telecommuting jobs, says her business plan was an initiator for more in-depth conversation with potential investors. Element of a Business Plan Cover sheet. This section will also highlight the logistics of the organization such as the various responsibilities of the management team and the tasks assigned to each division within the company.
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Writing a business plan: reference tools to assist budding entrepreneurs