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For example, my family celebrates Christmas by decorating our entire house. It is mainly the festival of Christians. However, it regained its popularity after the yearwhen Charlemagne was delegated as the head on Christmas Day. Traditionally Christmas is celebrated by a Church mass in the morning and then by a family meal later on in the day.

Thomas Becket.

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Spending Christmas with my family is very important to me. It is especially celebrated by Christians with great enthusiasm and joy.

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People of the Christian community celebrate this festival of to remember the great works of the Jesus and give lots of love and respect. Importance of Christmas Christmas is the most important festival of the Christian community. It is homework for them as well as a fun activity. Thomas, B. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ who is considered as the founder of Christianity and celebrated every year on 25th of December in the winter season. Christmas shows the importance of joy and happiness. The Christmas tree could be a natural fir, spruce or pine trees or it could also be an artificial tree. Of course I no longer believe I Santa Claus. Christmas Tree Christmas celebration could not be complete without the Christmas tree. In actual sense, Christmas originated a few decades after the birth of Jesus in the old Roman Empire. The children were nestled, each snug in their beds, The grown-ups wouldn't bother, "There's no room," they said; When even the inkeeper sent them away, Joseph was wondering, where they would stay? However, it regained its popularity after the year , when Charlemagne was delegated as the head on Christmas Day. You can get more sleep!!!

Take the Christmas holiday, for instance. Mouth Watering Christmas Delicacies and Feasts Everyone involves in the great celebration of Christmas feast and eat delicious dinner with family members and friends.

Trees like spruce, pine, fir or artificial trees are used for the decoration. Kids are showered with lots of presents and new dresses.

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Essay on Christmas: History, Celebrations and Decorations — Essay 6 Words Introduction: Christmas is a yearly festival which is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ, on December 25 by most people in the world.

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