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It may feel strange at first, but it is important to remember that the prompt wants you to write a feature as though you interviewed yourself. People truly believed that one wrong decision-one bad policy-might destroy the entire enterprise and bring the republic crashing to ruin, at which point it would probably be swallowed by England or France.

Almost two decades later, in the spring ofWashington attended the Continental Congress in Philadelphia as a delegate for Virginia. Discuss your commitment to taking advantage of this opportunity by actively engaging in some aspect of the Honors Program you find particularly engaging — for example, monthly dinners with the Honors faculty.

If you ever shadowed a professional or taken on an internship to learn more about a career path that interests you, you can use this as an example of really taking ownership of your learning experience.

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It is how profoundly he learned from them. Besides financial security, Martha probably offered him the intimate emotional reassurance that he had lacked during those years thrashing through the Ohio wilderness, trying to make a name.

You need to demonstrate your ability to persuade others, even those with radically different opinions, so dig deep and pick a success story as the example.

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How Vain, Stubborn, Thin