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Types of File Organization In order to make effective selection of file organizations and indexes, here we present the details different types of file Organization. Sorted File Method —In this method, As the name itself suggest whenever a new record has to be inserted, it is always inserted in a sorted ascending or descending manner.

Index files are typically much smaller than the original file because only the values for search key and pointer are stored.

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Thus, the performance of an ISAM file deteriorates as the relation is updated. As in the book index analogy, the index is ordered, and each index entry contains the item required and one or more locations record identifiers where the item can be found.

Linear search is used to search a record. The record field in the clustering index is a block pointer.

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These table are related to each other. Multilevel Indexes: The idea behind a multilevel index is to reduce the part of the index.

Because the record in a file are sorted in a particular order, better file searching methods like the binary search technique can be used to reduce the time used for searching a file.

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