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What can you expect of men who have never worked seriously, who have lived for their appearance and for social distinction and self-satisfaction, and who are now called upon to conduct a gigantic war?

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French 27, and a Turkish figure, while uncertain, is thought to be overI found he had got a second wound from a burst of shrapnel.

Conveying the wounded in barges to the hospital ships. He suffered from perpetual optimism, and thus failed to convey in his reports to London the dire situation the expeditionary forces were in and the extent of casualties being sustained in reality.

Clews, At the top of the second hill, we halted for a slight argument as to our route.

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A minute later, the first boatloads reached the shingly beach and clambered out, under fire. Wounded being hoisted aboard the hospital ship Maheno off the Gallipoli coast. Jan Bassett, writing in her book Guns and brooches: Australian Army nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War Oxford University Press,quotes Sister Ilma Lovell about conditions on the hospital ship Formosa off Suvla Bay in early August We were receiving wounded all night and terrible wounds they were—the majority of them were fly blown and septic.

Here and there, in the distance, the searchlight of a silent, watching warship swings over section after section of the outlying country, a reminder to the enemy of the never-ending vigilance of the Navy.

The battle began on May 6 and the New Zealanders joined in two days later when they were given orders to advance on the Turks. Derham married Frances Anderson in July and established his own private medical practice in We go all the way to bloody Turkey and it rains.

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When did the Gallipoli campaign end? The Turks retired two miles and never attempted to counterattack, but of course we got no sleep that night. It is necessary that you should understand that we are about to carry out a most difficult operation, Viz. Wounded being hoisted aboard the hospital ship Maheno off the Gallipoli coast. The imbalance between ends and means in the naval and ground campaigns in the Dardanelles doomed the overall effort to failure. To honor heroes and vilify villains, and to seek lessons and flaws in human nature that led us astray. The stories of the leaders are well balanced with vignettes revealed from the diaries and journals of the soldiers in the field.
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Gallipoli by Les Carlyon