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What matters is that the classifications are logical and consistent.

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Again, simple, by reading. But in a GP essay, this is suicide. A GP essay is a tiring, intellectually challenging thing to follow. Hence, you should conduct an extensive research of certain topics so that you are able to come up with accurate examples for your argumentative thesis. It is the ultimate point of the essay. Wait, what about the 4th tip? What is an introduction? To answer the question duh! This is to narrow down the list of ideas that you have on the list and only keep the ones with potential to be developed on. Share this:. This gives rise to a stressful mind, especially in exams where your time is limited. At these advanced levels, our tutors aim to achieve independent and innovative thinking in our students as they develop into prolific writers who are capable of producing worthy essays while tested under examination conditions. Not only will this make the intro terribly tedious, it will also show all your cards too early and destroy the suspense for the reader. Read How to write good english 3 To show that we can analyse, argue and discuss a given topic very intelligently and creatively Very often, students fail to choose a correct topic to write their essay, ending up in a waste of time and effort.

You can write the most foolish essay, but if you write it in a convincing manner and with maturityyou will score the required marks! What are the other functions of an intro?

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I believe this is the reason why GP grades can be so unpredictable — even an A student can abruptly find himself with a D at the A-levels. This gives rise to a stressful mind, especially in exams where your time is limited.

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The structure is almost the same as your essay paper with only slight modifications: a. The biggest work is to be done by you. From my experience, usually the ones to be eliminated are the ones which are repeated ideas, too obvious and irrelevant on closer examination. Many thanks. But the onslaught of global offshoring hollows out the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania, the United States — leaving factories to rust and thousands of workers jobless and unable to feed their families. Clarity is sometimes also needed on what approach the author proposes to take to resolve the question. Effective Introduction and Conclusion An effective introduction should include extensive definitions, a foreshadow, a clear argument position and the rationale for writing. Things should be to such a point that ideas start flowing in your head in a logical manner. In GP, 're-expressing' is a very valuable skill because practically every question requires us to re-express the answer in our own words, especially summary.

First, we need to know the structure of the essay. However, this isolated sentence may not be the correct one to use. You need a sentence that answers the question clearly and contains a concept or reason that is broad enough for you expand your ideas and write a coherent paragraph that answers the question clearly.

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