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Handwriting analysis test is the best personality test for longitudinal studies. Personality test from their handwriting can be produced on employees when the need arises, such as: during an investigation, or to understand why an employee who later leaves the company was so successful or unsuccessful, or to understand why an employees performance has improved or declined over time by comparing earlier handwriting samples to current ones. Your self-concept is high and you seek to be the centre of attention. Your vindictiveness sometimes takes unpredicable forms and people don't know what to expect from you. If you have large and identical letters you are consistent in achieving your goals. You are friendly, and warm, and like to engage in conversation e. Therefore, your handwriting truly reflects your own individuality. Thus, with regards to obtaining an exact "true" consequence regarding your character as well as altering individuality, it truly is preferable to assess your handwriting using the support of graphology methods at least every 30 days. Slanting heavily towards the right - You have difficulty controlling your emotions and like to show other people how you feel.

Your feelings are evident through daily signs of affection. Small and calligraphic handwriting - This type of handwriting is characterised by its accuracy and attention to detail.

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More-over there is no law in India, which bars handwriting analysis test. It is such a myth as outside the interview room this person could be an active volcano and not the cool sea breeze that he appears to be inside.

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Decorative aspects of the personality influence people like a warm handshake, a smiling face, well dressed personality and so on.

A person, who does not dress himself well regularly, is very non-compromising and inflexible might turn up well dressed and cordial. It is really that simple and easy.

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