How to write a meta description for a blog post

Learn from their successes… … and failures.

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Take the time to analyse how the big boys do it. Start your description with the most important and compelling info for the user and go from there.

Include a call to action that encourages them to act.

How to write a meta description for a blog post

Look no further than NJ based 2 Dogs Media. But unlike titles and descriptions, meta keywords have very little impact on the value of the page for search engines or users. The Verge Why it works: Explaining a complex new story can be tough when you only have characters to work with. This is especially important if you want to rank high in the SERPs. If other schema markups are relevant to the content on your page, add structured data to your page to improve the look of your search engine results listings. Does this meta description stir up any emotion in you? Being pounced on when looking around a garage for a car is a huge pain point for most people. That means knowing how it affects your SEO and what elements are the most important to consider. Well, the ultimate application is up to you. And even though it might be easy to miss, your meta descriptions are the frontline of that effort for organic search. There are a few words of caution we want to give you when writing meta descriptions to improve your click through rate and potential engagement by the searcher. Hunting for George Why it works: With the end of the financial year fast approaching in Australia, Hunting for George has done the smart thing and updated its meta description accordingly. Point is, someone is reading your meta description for a particular reason. Homepage Your homepage meta description is your chance to give the first impression of your brand.

Roasty Coffee Love this meta description as it addresses a problem with a little creativity. Stop Losing Customers!

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In some ways, metadata is basic SEO, yet it's one thing that most website owners ignore. Or… Google might just use your existing meta description. It immediately catches the eye when scanning the page.

I haven't engaged with them yet - my mind is eased from one simple search.

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