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Again, remember, focusing on stories and testimonies are key here. In this issue of the All Souls Times you will see the many ways your generosity of tithes, time and talents have impacted our congregation and community. How does all of this affect your vision for the upcoming year? Well, there are quite a few things actually. But leading with it? A few well-placed visuals of the data and some summarized text to go along with it, all of which should be relevant to your congregation, are all that you need! Some of these individuals and families are long-time All Souls partners and some were called through the years from our own congregation. And including a reference to it or even having it somewhere on your report is a great idea! A typical magazine consists of a bunch of information, stories, highlights, statistics, etc. We exist to make Decatur, Atlanta and the world look more like the Kingdom of God. This is a great opportunity to share this …along with some great testimonials!

Would you commit to loving God in worship through Christ, loving one another in relationships in Christ and loving the world in service with Christ? For example, a statistic like attendance rising dramatically can be super encouraging.

Food, fellowship, worship, Bible study, and breakout sessions were provided as they learned about "being the presence of Christ.

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My favorite annual report templates literally make the whole thing feel like a continual, flowing infographic! You can also gather existing stories and information and keep it on hand to use in your reports alongside the other data as well.

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What will the church be studying and exploring? Over time, there have been many questions regarding religion and the meanings attached to it, but it is important that we remember it can exist without being organized and the church, since it is considered by many as also an institution governed by the religion that a certain people identify with, cannot render proper service without proper management and organization.

Remember those examples I gave you earlier. LCBC Church does a great job keeping that mind as you scroll through their report.

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These testimonies, scattered throughout the report, help to break up the data and provide little snippets and insights into how all of this information affected the lives of individuals actually attending the church.

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How to Write a Progress Report for Church Ministries