Instant messenger etiquette business plan

If email is like sending a digital letter, instant messaging is like having a digital conversation. Go easy on the hashtags Hashtags are cool. Guidelines prevent personal and unauthorized use for example, office gossip.

Establish appropriate use. Lastly, here are some more resources to read that can help you find innovative ways to keep employees encouraged:. Apply the golden rule Act how you want others to act.

Credit others.

instant messaging at work

He likes that. Be known as a great communicator. Be careful with abbreviations. Instead of an email to a boss, then another one to their boss, one to the big boss and back down again, now a question can be asked in real time.

Personal chat etiquette

If you're convinced of a negative undertone, make it explicit by asking about it. Images can help clarify the tone of the message, but overusing them could irritate or distract your team members. The ethics counselors or officers can help offenders understand the importance of a healthy communication culture so that employees make behavioral changes accordingly. Keep the conversation short. That goes for co-workers of all ages. When sending instant messages pretend all your messages are monitored by Human Resources. Because people don't have the attention span they used to, shorter messages at greater frequency elicit better and more immediate responses, keeping a project moving forward instead of waiting on a question and answer that is traveling up the ladder and back down. You May Also Like. If your team responds well, then you can consider adding a solution to your daily workflow.

Instant messaging or IM, for short is a type of online chat that lets you send and receive brief written messages in real time. You get it.

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Business Communication: Instant Messaging Etiquette