Internetworking end to end requirements essay

When the internet was created one would assume that IP address soon followed, however that is not the case.

end to end framework

In this case, IP provides re-ordering of fragments delivered out of order. And due to the fact that IPv4 and IPv6 are incompatible with each other.

what is end to end delivery of data

Hosts — The computers and end-devices that use the comm subsystem — Subnet: A single cluster or collection of nodes, which reach each other on the same physical medium and capable of routing outgoing and incoming messages — The Internet is a collection of several subnets or intranets?

Routers communicate with one another via specially designed routing protocolseither interior gateway protocols or exterior gateway protocolsas needed for the topology of the network.

Others believe that the entire architecture should be rethought as a computational environment, in which everything can be programmed, and the entire network becomes active.

The Routers are called the packet switches. The web server receives the request and checks for the desired page.

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How Does the Internet Work?