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In any case, management should have a credible plan to win market share.

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That said, they are always looking for a return on their investment and for exceptional teams and products. Look for these patterns by examining earnings reports over the previous eight quarters, and reading analysts' projections for future earnings.

To do this, try to answer these questions.

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Capacity to generate cash flow The capacity of a company to convert sales into free cash flow is a third important investment criterion for Cobepa. We aim to form real partnerships with businesses, and to provide guidance and support alongside funding.

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Once the details of the opportunity are gathered, the internal investment criteria will be applied to determine if an expression of interest EOI or letter of intent LOI should be issued. This can transform into a wide variety of products or services and be specific to certain industries or markets, but startups are judged by their growth and that is one of the key factors startup investors rely on to choose whether to invest or not. The Fund has a cross-sector investment remit, but requires that businesses are headquartered in the UK. Accordingly, business plans should be clear about key commercial or financial milestones required for the company to achieve meaningful growth in value to likely buyers or secondary financiers. We will typically circle a level of funds for follow-on investment rounds, which will be considered on a case by case basis as the company grows. We are a patient investor, but like any Fund will want to understand exit and liquidity options for the business over the years ahead. The Cass Entrepreneurship Fund can act as a sole investor or as a lead or minority co-investor with other institutions, funds or private angel investors. We aim to form real partnerships with businesses, and to provide guidance and support alongside funding. In any case, management should have a credible plan to win market share. For example, if a company has an asset utilization ratio of 40 percent, it's earning 40 cents for each dollar of assets it owns. There are a lot of examples of startups that have launched good products that have failed at getting users and traction. Earnings momentum. Investment opportunities are assessed based on the following five criteria: Solid business model The presence of a solid business model is a key element for each investment. We have listed some of our thinking in more detail below to help management teams or company representatives to better understand our typical criteria: Management: We back driven individuals and teams, willing and able to work with investors over the life of the investment.

The most common publicly disclosed investment criteria include the geography, size of the investment or company targeted, and industry. Capital structure refers to how a company funds its business operations, using both debt and equity.

Investment and criteria

If you envision a steep dive in a stock you're considering as likely to cause discomfort, you might be contemplating too large a purchase. Sign Up for Our Newsletter Your Wealth Weekly advice on managing your money Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about about our products and services. Sophisticated buyers will usually have two sets of criteria: The parameters that are disclosed publicly to intermediaries such as investment bankers, so they know what the buyer is looking for in order to source deals that fit; and The parameters developed for internal review that allow a buyer to quickly determine if the acquisition should be pursued further. That's why we have portfolios, and why a sound asset allocation calls for diversification. Please take time to review the key investment criteria and to get acquainted with our approach and activities. The size of the market that a startup is in might influence its future growth. In theory entrepreneurs will look for high valuations in order to own as much as possible of their companies; investors, the exact opposite. Another risk associated with startups that raise high valuations is that they might have a hard time justifying future rounds of financing at even higher valuations. In the short term, intrinsic value can vary significantly from market value, which is influenced by perception and behavioral investing factors. Funding Requirements: We generally invest in companies with the intention that current funding round will provide 12 - 18 months cash runway. Valuation: As a Fund, we seek a commercial return on our investment, which in turn requires that initial valuations and expectations of valuation growth reflect that in a fair manner. Send us an executive summary or pitch deck at the first instance and we can take discussions forward from there.

Favorable asset utilization.

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