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how might one describe the product market matrix for lancers products

These competencies provide a competitive advantage to the firm when certain conditions are met. In recent years, several massmerchandise department store chains have begun to sell merchandise similar to that offered by Lancer.

lancer gallery case analysis

Strength of property rights and law rules. They have become a reference when it comes authentic Southwestern jewelry and pottery If at the beginning they were focusing on authentic artifacts, they extended their line by adding replicas of authentic artifacts such as African mask.

Its history dates back to a strategy model put together. Secondly, they wish to market the replica artifacts. Being a part of such a specialised and particular market makes repositioning a higher risk for them. One of the biggest merchandise department stores agree to sell Lancer products but Lancer had to increase the number of replicas in their product line. Problem Lancer realized that the company faces with the shortage of supply of authentic artifacts. Lancer can be defined as an art and artifact dealer. Unique selling proposition of the company. The chain was currently selling a competitors items but wished to add more exclusive product line.

This piece of artwork is oil on canvas and was created in Subsequent inquiries by both Rangard and Olsen revealed that two competitors had signed purchase contracts with this outlets. Pest analysis POLITICAL: Next political elections and changes that will happen in the country due to these elections Strong and powerful political person, his point of view on business policies and their effect on the organization.

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As acceptance grew, Lancer gallery expanded the distribution of artifacts to specialty dealers including selected interior designers and decoratorsfirm-sponsored showings, and a few exclusive

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Case Lancer Gallery Case Study Solution and Analysis of Harvard Case Studies