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Moreover, social capital exerts some discipline on wrongdoers.

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This justifies a strong encouragement for future research to establish the cause and implications of such. The procedure to raise funds by adding the number of shares which already are in issue is called rights issue.

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The data material also revealed elevated volatility in the days following the ex-dividend date. Stock exchanges are well-organized markets where transactions can be traded cost-effective, quick and safe.

On the other hand the underwriter is accepting risks with this agreement. According to Mishkin there are three main markets which deserve particular attention: - The bond market where interest rates are determined.

Description Master's thesis in Applied Finance.

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This is also an important subject for future research in the field when sufficient data becomes available. These findings document that tax incentives are an important determinant of bank capital ratios beyond regulatory aspects. Indeed, well-functioning financial markets are key factor and indicator for countries with high economic growth. Description Master's thesis in Applied Finance. So, it can be assumed that the stock market is a highly well- organized market. As such, understanding the factors that determine wrongdoing in banks has also become a central issue in the debate about financial institutions. In this dissertation, we thus highlight that the banks' environment is a central element of their risk appetite, stability and probability to commit misconduct. This means that the secondary market makes financial instruments more liquid and it is determining the price of such a financial instrument. Howells and Bain, The fundamental mechanism at the stock market is pretty easy to understand. Particularly, we focus on the extent to which the tax system may provide incentives that lead to better capitalized financial institutions. On the other hand investors have the possibility to take part in global- or regional-acting corporations and consequently increase their economical wealth. The advantage for the issuing firm is that it knows the value of funds the issue will raise and the costs the issue will be charged with. The procedure of underwriting securities is performed by big institutions such as investment banks. Firstly, there is the danger that the issue is overpriced. We will concentrate here on the stock market where companies issue equity to raise long-term funds for financing their activities.

We also show that the increase in capital ratios does not survive the removal of the tax incentive. In the secondary market shares that have been previously issued are resold.

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