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Essentially, its role is to commercialize the products. Vaccines part of the business faced unprecedented challenges on the supply front impacting overall business growth.

It is all about creating a range of value-adding services around services around the product that drive customer loyalty. Technological Factor Another factor that has affected the sales of the GSK is the advancement of the technology.

We would be glad to provide any clarification and modification if and when required. It mainly focuses on reducing the failure costs by problem solving methods. GSK has formed drugs using the latest technology to speed up the method of production. Many companies like GSK can set up a pricing department to develop policies and establish or approve pricing decisions, aiming to ensure that salespeople quote prices that are reasonable to customers and profitable to the company.

With headquarters in UK, GSK has its operations in countries with more thanpeople working globally. With all these and other initiatives, GSK Bangladesh plans to increase its market share and business span further.

Increased Because they focus cost of on pharmaceutical companies HIV research value rather Due to than price New diseases will create New Strong diseases financial opportunities forwill position.

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The production is affected by the unpredictability of changing market conditions in the European states. Companies like GSK must deliver the value promised by their value proposition, and the customer must perceive this value. Another implication GSK should follow is to produce the number of drugs recommended by the government policies.

So, buyers do not readily notice a higher price, thinking the higher prices are justified.

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Horlicks SWOT Analysis