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Some authors are concerned that journals might not accept content that has already been published as a thesis or dissertation , or that submitting such articles to a journal might be considered self-plagiarism or duplicate submission or lead to copyright issues. In either case, both documents require a focused approach to demonstrate an understanding of your chosen research area. Which journals have you used? Then prepare to wait. Duplication and self-plagiarism can be avoided: Additionally, a thesis and a journal article are completely different in terms of overall approach and format. In this webinar, Dr. Try for the highest level journal you can realistically get published in. If the reviewers reject your article, revise based on their feedback if you receive any feedback , and try another journal. Tip 7. Take some time while your dissertation is still freshly printed, and ask yourself the following questions: Which chapters or subchapters would serve as a good journal paper? Some are riddled with typos, formatting faux pas, and unsupported statements that scream not peer-reviewed. Others, however, are much less obvious. The results section in a thesis will include all your findings. This is because theses or dissertations are traditionally published by university presses, with a few copies printed for internal circulation. Look at your reference list.

There are websites that can help you determine where to publish. This is for you to decide. If you venture out into the industry, you'll have to do it in your evenings and weekends. The introduction in a thesis is used to show that you are familiar with the literature in your chosen field.

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Latest posts. I quickly became overwhelmed. Some journals might have a problem with this. She holds a doctorate in science education from Wits University and is a specialist in academic development and science education. It was hard at first to shift my focus from writing about the conclusions of my research topic to writing about the actual process of the research method , but once I found the angle, I saw other possibilities related to methodology—for example, recruiting hard-to-access participant populations and using web surveys to collect demographic data—that could become future articles. I thought, hmm, rich pictures is visually appealing, just the type of research a not-too-fancy online journal might be happy to publish. Go back through your dissertation references and make a list of articles that were useful to you. Look at your reference list. Are you aware of the different types of articles you can publish? The second will focus on the methodology. Choose a journal If you have been at this scholarly thing for a while, you no doubt know thousands of academic journals exist, online and in print. If you are lucky enough to get into a post-doc position that is fully research-oriented, you have all the time or at least, you might think you have to write your papers. Pay attention to formatting guidelines and word limits. You write your dissertation with the goal of submission in mind, submit your three chapters, and bing bang boom tech-speak for winning! In either case, both documents require a focused approach to demonstrate an understanding of your chosen research area.

As a nontraditional dissertator at an online for-profit university, I did not know this. You must be careful when you seek prospective journals. You can extract at least two articles from your dissertation, no matter what format it follows. Two years past my thesis defense, I'm reaching the end of this process with a number of papers published, a number in review and a few more to write.

Submit the article to the journal Submission usually happens online and involves creating an account with the journal, submitting your Word or pdf file, and then waiting.

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How to Turn Your Thesis into a Journal Article