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Latin American countries have witnessed the very noticeable benefits of the drug trade in many aspects of everyday life. The United States intervened in many Latin American countries and imposed their policies on to these countries against their will. If the person in power was trying to nationalize their country's economy, the US accused them of communism and proceeded to push them out, unofficially, under the pretext of national security What European countries influenced the development of these nations?

Through this program, the Minister of Education expressed his desire to preserve Indians as agriculturalists, yet to offer them the benefits of civilization through bilingual Quechua and Spanish literacy programs, agricultural training, and hygiene lessons. Brazil begs consideration for a different reason: to test the claim made by the proponents of Latin American "racial democracy" that miscegenation provides the only viable solution to racism.

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A parallel African world coexisted beneath Spanish hegemony, with its own religion, language, martial arts, and political leadership.

In stark contrast, settlers came to the colonies seeking freedom from the religious persecution in Europe. Less research has been done on Afro-Latin forms of resistance to white hegemony in the post-abolition period.

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Countries like Columbia or Mexico are usually where the drugs come from while the United States are the destination. Many historians do not like using concepts that are fabricated.

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Reconstructing Race: Racism, Culture and Mestizaje in Latin America