Role of women and symbolism in of mice and men essay

The novel soon had two films encompassing it. Of Mice and Men was originally a short novel written by John Steinbeck in the s. Her status between domesticity and prostitution makes her extremely problematic in the novel. Examples of these characters are Curleys Wife, Crooks, and Candy.

Then the setting moves to an isolated, lonely looking ranch, where the main part of the story takes place. The book starts off next to a stream near the Salinas River, a few miles South of Soledad.

An unlikely pair cling to each other in the face of loneliness and Isolation. Overall, Steinbeck represents women as a danger to toy with or as a person who engages in sex for payment.

Can two people, with no similarities, share a close bond? Some may condemn Lennie Small, the protagonist who accidentally slaughtered her, through his colossal strength. Steinbeck's life and the times greatly influenced his writing of this book.

Leaving the reader pondering the true theme of the story.

how does steinbeck present women in of mice and men

John Steinbeck especially excels in this, and therefore is the reason I have chosen this book to describe. Various elements contribute to this sense of powerlessness, such as race, poverty and gender.

female characters in of mice and men

Then at the end of the book, the setting comes back to where it started.

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Steinbeck of Mice and Men Essay