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It concludes, therefore, long-term financial and technical support is essential if tourism is to play an effective rural development role.

It helps to think as broadly as possible about your product or idea for a product and refine your ideas as you progress through the course. Channel View Publications, Vol 1. Williams Eds.

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By , arrivals. Rural tourism in Israel. Aldershot: Avebury. Laona Project was the development of rural tourism. Using a sustainable tourism development approach. Agro-tourism can take on different forms and could include the following: Camping sites. This may not be surprising for many because the strategic plans made so far supported infrastructure, promotion of tourism and investment. One of the most important ports of the island, the port of famagusta was completely devastated bringing high economic losses. The Likely social and rural impacts With respect to the rural landscape, Malta does not actually have villages because it looks like a collection of small towns while Cyprus takes pride in charming villages; for instance, the villages of Akamas peninsula and those in Troodos Mountains. O and Lopez, E. Concentration of quality is beneficial in many ways- it will increase the repetition of clients, it will also increase the period of their stay and more importantly it will increase substantially the per head expenses made by them. Robinson, N. Tourism Management, 7 2 , — As a result, there is a confusing array of prices, and higher-spending markets.

Annals of Tourism Research, 27 4logical means of diversifying the tourism product whilst — Tourism Management, 17 2— Cyprus Review, 5 170— International Journal Tourism, crime and international security issues pp.

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