Skin diseases not just a small

An extensive literature search did reveal some studies related to diseases that affect the skin but discussed elsewhere in this work Buruli ulcer and onchocercal skin diseaseas well as a paper on the direct costs of treating scabies in Italy.

Skin diseases not just a small

No evidence exists that transfer is related to inadequate hygiene. Warning Pregnant women who have been exposed to rubella need to seek medical attention immediately.

It does not respond to treatments for acne.

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In many cases, no bacteriological confirmation is available from cultures, but surveys show that Group A streptococci account for a substantial number of cases Carapetis, Currie, and Kaplan ; Taplin and others , which is not often the case in similar infections in temperate climates, where S. Perhaps the best current example of a concerted, community-based approach is the Regional Training Center for Dermatology in Moshi, Tanzania, which focuses on developing a primary care skills base in African countries for the care of patients with skin and sexually transmitted diseases Kopf The reasons for this finding are not clear, although humidity and heat are associated with increased risk of bacterial skin infection. The team also found case reports supporting the use of griseofulvin. It has also been applied as a community-based treatment and is reported to be effective as such Hegazy and others However, because such treatments are often misused, they would not be used at the community level and would be used only with advice from a trained practitioner. In addition, a physician may order blood or urine tests to confirm the diagnosis. A single application washed off after 8 to 12 hours is used. Calamine can relieve some rashes, e. With the inflammatory forms, circumscribed patches of hair loss with erythema and pustulation also occur, and the whole area is raised into a boggy mass. It is of unknown etiology and responds only to symptomatic treatment—for instance, antipruritic preparations such as antihistamines—although simple topical preparations, such as calamine or menthol creams, may alleviate the itching. Overall, these data suggest that significant changes could be made in reducing the burden of skin diseases by focusing on the small group of conditions, particularly infections, that account for the bulk of the community case load.

Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology. For instance, in Tanzania, in a survey of two village communities, Gibbs found that 27 percent of patients had a treatable skin disease, and once again, infections were the most common diseases.

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The disease itself does not have any long-term consequences. Traditional treatments have also been used, but never evaluated.

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Clinical Infectious Diseases.

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