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With that said, I feel a greater sense of responsibility, not only to myself, but to God and my readers. Welcomes suggestions for features in addition to prose and poetry.

Jupiter is available on Kindle.

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See also Malaika Adero, electronic interview with the author, April 22, So we are always trying to find ways to plug into the community grapevine and start a buzz about a particular book. Fur-Lined Ghettos Format: Print Frequency: Unscheduled A slim but exciting publication which features a wide range of genres and forms.

New Walk Format: Print Frequency: 4 x Per Year From October this international print journal of art, writing and review will be replaced by a series of pamphlets, available by subscription.

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Included here for the sake of completeness. They also make good use of prison networks, hinting at the existence of a rarely solicited readership that just might become a new niche for mainstream houses, and connecting with networks already explored in the s by Goines and Beck's mass-market publisher.

An exemplary tale is a mixture of foul language, flying bullets, fast cars, a flood of drugs, fallen angels and high-priced frippery.

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