Support learning activities unit 303 teaching assistant

Support learning activities level 3 unit 303

Monitor how the recipe worked and adjust accordingly. It is also important to check that equipment is safe to use and in good working order and not broken in any way and that I am aware of how to use it safely. When the children and young people see their class friends responses to the task, can help them understand how to use the assessment criteria to assess their own learning. To enable us to plan activities and plan for future learning to help the children improve and progress to their full potential, we need to know all about the individual child or young person, we do this by assessments, we would get a full and accurate account and can work effectively to ensure the child and young person is supported. This gives children with special needs an opportunity to reach their full potential. All schools include some inside training, I attended a numeracy course for parents and the teaching assistants within my school setting, this was to learn about numercy skills for primary children. All children must receive a full time education that is As a Nursery Assistant I have an experience of working and caring for children under various age groups ranges Summative assessment. I would prepare the area and set out the learning material and instruments and instructions for each child to use. I asked all of my table to sit down properly. All adults working alongside children have a responsibility to keep them safe. Add the two numbers.

Add the two numbers. The importance of the evaluating is so that teachers and the teaching assistants can decide if the activities have been successful and why, the information gathered from evaluating will then be used to determine future plans. Strenghts and weaknesses are used in future planning, if the activity does not meet the needs of the children and the curriculum, we can identify what the problems are and adapt for future use, ensuring that each individual child is considerd in the future planning.

ict strengths and weaknesses

Staff working with children in small groups or in a whole class must make sure all interaction with each individual must be encouragement and praise, giving help when needed but not doing the work for child. The parents may not be aware of their child struggling. Support for the pupil, teacher, curriculum and the school.

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I need to know what the focus will be on for the term, this is done by having a discussion with the class teacher and also with other teachers and assistants that are also doing the same topic with the same aged children. I always give encouragement, praise and support to ensure children are always motivated to listen and learn. This applies to all students with whom the TA comes into contact with. Promoting confidence that every child can improve on identifying small steps to enable children and young people to see their progress, this will build their confidence and self esteem, encouraging them to explain their thinking and reasoning within a secure classroom ethos. Fostering positive relationship and building classroom community. I also aim to be a competent teaching assistant, extending my knowledge on numeracy, ict and literacy to support the children in my care. During the initial assessment the assessor must ensure the learner knowledge performance and practical skills. Support can take many forms, from enabling In visual form on a teachers white board or maybe a discussion to the class, group or individual.

Teachers must be able to report on individual pupils participation, progress and achievement and make comparisons with previous achievement and expected standards. Support can take many forms, from enabling The records are kept up to date so that we can learn from them, and come up with new strategies and also we can use the information to pass on to parents and guardians.

As a teaching assistant, initial training will be given outlining your role and any other particular areas which your employer would like you to focus on to improve the schools child welfare system. I was then asked by Mrs S to help year 1 yellow table with counting coins and recognising the value of money.

A teacher would give comments on a piece of work after marking it giving the child suggestions on how to improve the work, they would then ask the child to re-do the work taking on the advice given and then marking the work again and giving them a grade. The way in people differ such as in appearance or gender.

Success criteria will link directly to the learning group or intention, this is separate from the lesson content or activity, this relates more to the skills, concepts, and knowledge of an activity.

There are three stages of planning: Long-term, medium-term

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