The changing status of indian women

status of women in india

Industrialisation, urbanisation, spread of education and social movements were some of the important aspects of change which affected the status of women in various ways.

Professionally, they have practically left no field where boys could claim exclusivity. Within a few months of her employment, she took charge of the finances.

The changing status of indian women

The important Acts passed for the upliftment of women are: 1. They are still subdued in our society. This has enhanced the status of women in the family as well as the society. Prior to independence, when the elections were held in for constitutional assembly, many prominent women of Indian like Sarojini Naidu, Hansa Meheta, Renuka Rai and others were elected. Now authority vests not only on eldest male but also on females. She built a school, constructed roads, grappled with illiteracy, sold various products which fetched nearly a lakh of rupees to her panchayat. In the political field, their status depended upon the then-existing political system. They were not permitted entry in the sabhas assemblies because these were used for gambling, drinking and such other purposes too. As the former President of India, Dr.

Taking the general status of women in contemporary society, it may be averred that: 1 There is more representation of women in parliament, vidhan sabhas, panchayats and Nagar Nigams municipal corporations. Today, the main criteria for selecting a girl as life-partner are her education and her employability.

social status of women

Image Courtesy : bellbajao. She no longer sees herself as an extension of the men in her life, but as an independent agent who is increasingly taking on decision-making roles.

womens status today

They knew what was expected of them and responded accordingly. The reforms have ensured that the daughter is also allotted the same share as a son.

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Indian Women Are Changing With The Times. But What About Men?