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This work takes place in volunteer orchards scattered across 15 states. Some trees in northern Victoria are around years old and up to 60 m tall. The blight-resistant Chinese chestnut is now the most commonly planted chestnut species in the US, while the European chestnut is the source of commercial nuts in recent decades.

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The leaves are used as a thirst-quencher by hikers and mountain climbers and were once brewed to make a tonic. A considerable increase in production is expected in the next 10 years, due to the increase in commercial plantings during the last 15 [4] to 25 years. A few decades later, perhaps 4 billion chestnut trees stood dying or lay dead. France annually produces over 1, metric tons, but still imports about 8, metric tons, mainly from Italy. While many companies planted invasive grasses, others began funding research on planting trees, because they can be more cost-effective, and yield better results. They are widely found in British-founded hill stations in northern India , and to a lesser extent in Bhutan and Nepal. Nut production begins when C. The rare tree might grow large enough to produce a few flowers and prickly seed burs, but chestnut blight fungus still lives in the bark of blight-resistant oaks and ash. The tree was critical to the building of America and beloved by early horticulturists. The canker eventually girdles the tree, killing everything above it. Widespread: million acres of forestland were affected. Over one dozen trees were at least 12 inches in diameter with several measuring nearly 24 inches in diameter. Philadelphia botanists John and William Bartram listed the American chestnut in the first American nursery catalog, published in Gone was the tree that nurtured Native Americans, passenger pigeons, and pioneer communities.

For now, we must conjure it all in our minds. Philadelphia botanists John and William Bartram listed the American chestnut in the first American nursery catalog, published in The chestnuts are in the beech family along with beech and oakbut are not closely related to the horse-chestnut, which is in the family Sapindaceae.

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In most places, every fourth tree was a chestnut, and along vast ridges, fully 7 out of 10 trees would have been of the tribe Castanea dentata. Any thoughts what it is? Even in death the tree proved useful. Since the midth century, most of the US imports are from Southern Italy , with the large, meaty, and richly flavored Sicilian chestnuts being considered among the best quality for bulk sale and supermarket retail. Tree by tree. Can I donate by phone? The exact location of the tree is still being held secret, both because of the risk of infecting the tree and because an eagle has nested in its branches. Many communities owe their origin and former richness to the ensuing chestnut woods. This is essential for restoring the American chestnut trees into the Northeast.

If so, it will be thanks to the work of those who toiled for decades, never knowing if their efforts would be in vain, knowing only that they themselves might never live long enough to know.

I think of it as a pioneer species.

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Gift Aid on your donated items at our charity shops You can opt in to a separate Gift Aid scheme when you donate items to our charity shops too. Grafts from large survivors of the blight epidemic were evaluated following inoculations, and controlled crosses among resistant American chestnut trees were made beginning in It infects and kills most young chestnuts before they are more than a few inches in diameter.

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The Lord of the Forest: the American Chestnut