The history of the digital watermarking techniques

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In embedding, an algorithm accepts the host and the data to be embedded, and produces a watermarked signal. Algorithm in digital watermarking Algorithm is the core of digital watermarking, a good algorithm can make the digital watermarking more robust and usable.

Background In this section, I use three subsections to briefly introduce some basic knowledge of digital watermarking from three aspects which may be useful in the follow sections.

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A digital watermark is called robust if it resists a designated class of transformations. We use mobile phones more and more to find assistance, information and entertainment. But in the other hand, attacks promote the development of digital watermarking. Below are briefly introduction of some novel digital watermarking algorithms based on DWT.

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In fragile digital watermarking, the extraction algorithm should fail if any change is made to the signal. The g n is the low pass filter and the h n stands for the high pass filter.

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A Quick Glance at Digital Watermarking