The issue of over sexualization and body shaming in american media movies and video games

Give Ryu a thong like Cammy, and it's immediately hilarious, not sexy.

Video game women appearing in stylized, exaggerated universes filled with similarly proportioned men are not the problem. Potential female players are driven away from the medium by "sexy video game vixens," and there's a general idea that women are treated as sex objects in games much of the time. But let's try to imagine the reverse scenario. I'll leave it to The Avengers to demonstrate how that would look: This just isn't a fair argument to make because there isn't another side to it. But men, if styled the same way, are not, or cannot. And there is also the increased chance that it will impact a girl's ability to develop a healthy sexual self-image. Even the cartoony ones. Check back soon where I'll expand on ideas that can actually help combat misogyny in gaming. Start accentuating the "package" on men, and it's just going to be goofy, not hot. Hear me out. All 16 others. Most research focuses on women. But what I wanted to talk about today are the examples that everyone will point to.

This is, of course, true. Fat Princess and Nariko, both from rather obscure games.

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They're lonely. Men simply are not viewed as sexual objects in games, despite similarly preposterous anatomy.

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But what makes Ivy's chest ridiculous while no one bats an eyelash and Misturugi's head-sized biceps? Most research focuses on women. Both are genetic mutants, by any stretch of the imagination, but one is sexual, and the other isn't.

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The sexiness of the existing women in video games is not the problem.

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Sexualization Of Girls In The Media Is Harmful