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Doing this will keep you busy, but the added benefit is that it can help your employer a great deal, which will leave your manager with a positive impression of your commitment to your work.

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When it comes to your going away party, plan it yourself. Focus on producing high-quality work and enhancing your professional reputation by doing your best until your very last hour on the job. If you have good friendships with your co-workers, surviving the last two weeks can mean focusing on matters that ease the sadness of saying farewell. Be sincere, be honest and be ready for rejection. Writing a reference letter is a classy and practical way to say goodbye and thank you. Invite them out to lunch or out to your favorite night spot. Organize your workspace, create file folders, back-up computer data and save your personal information from your work computer to get you in preparation mode for your new job and keep your anxiety in check. However, it might take your boss time to name your successor—particularly if your manager needs to hire someone from outside the company. Reward yourself. Organization Excitement about your new job can cause jitters and anxiety about your impending responsibilities. Related Articles. Keep it professional and keep your cool.

Find a new coffee spot; find a new route to work. Changing your routine could give you a fresh perspective on your work and your life.

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It will help you stay focused and prepare you for the first week of your next job. As these are your last two weeks at that job, you need to make sure that these are the best two weeks of your working life. Consider different places to eat lunch. Whether it is the office crush or the stockroom psycho, now is your chance for one final lunge at romantic glory. Writing a reference letter is a classy and practical way to say goodbye and thank you. Most of all- be careful. Were you the person who cleaned out the fridge? Have a look at your wardrobe. The same can be said about leaving a great final impression. For example, you might suggest to your boss certain co-workers you feel would be best to take over specific tasks. Chances are a lunch party in most offices will be organized by either: the person who liked you the least, your closest friend, or the activity person in the office who seems to involve himself in everything. New business etiquette says it is appropriate to publicly declare your move on social media and talk about how excited you are to be with your new employer. Go to your new place of employment with a fresh perspective.

Consider different forms of transportation. The last two weeks is a great time to solidify business contacts for your future benefit.

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So, instead, throw your own party. Who knows you might start looking for a new job before you even start. Each day pick an outfit that screams success.

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Who knows where people will be in three years?

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For The Last Few Weeks Vs Over The Last Few Weeks?