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Absent exceptional circumstances, there are no discounts. Finally, you may speak to our case manager, Bobbi Britton-Stroudabout utilizing your health insurance if you would like to see a Lubbock private practitioner.

Other academic adjustments may be determined on an individual basis. Updates About Our Services Although individual and couples counseling services may entail up to a 4-week wait to be assigned to a counselor at the busiest times of the year, we make every effort to serve students in severe distress as quickly as possible.

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Selective College Consulting's Five Expectations Expectation 1: SCC Will Work With, Not Replace, High School Counselors A student who does not interact with the high school counselor, or with teachers, should not expect the high school to be an effective advocate when a college calls the high school for recommendations.

SCC strives for open interaction that is in the best interest of the applicant. With knowledge comes confidence and inspiration. Learn more about Therapy Assistance Online!

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Students have Internet access in the center for online registration and research pertinent to their education.

They provide support for faculty wishing to engage in service-learning opportunities as well. Veterans Information specific to veterans can be found in the Veterans Services section. For more information, call SFCC, Materials regarding job search and resume writing also are available.

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SCC reserves the right to terminate its relationship with a student at any time for reasonable cause.

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Counseling and Special Services