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To start off this auspicious occasion, students of Adamas Knowledge Institute put up a musical performance of popular songs, culminating in the national anthems of Bolivia and India. Posted by.

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About four years ago, the University began building the new Library wing, according to a plan drawn up by architect Asaf Lerman. With the images of television and the speed of the new medium known as the Internet, students of government, politics, and history will need to have the skills required to evaluate information and express their opinions in a way that is logical and reasonable to others.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee then took the stage, thanking all organizers of the Book Fair for once again putting together this annual extravaganza. This literary celebration will go on till the 7th of February, with notable sessions being held all along, and especially with the Kolkata Literature Festival being held from 4th to 6th February, The presentation stressed on the importance of doing things and not just learning them.

Have students comment on the uses of multimedia, the reliability of information on the Internet, and its global scope. Ben Duke later confided to a friend, "I felt prouder of Trinity than ever before. This was then followed by the Vice Chancellor addressing the student body, with an elaborate and effective presentation on creating a nexus between classroom learning and research.

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After the one-hour aerobic session, we jogged through Perimbun town, which was a pale shadow of its daytime hustle and bustle.

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Report of the Inaugural Ceremony