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Mary Hill, Catherine Beech and Matthew Fall from the Fred Smith Foundation — thank you for sharing the vision of an integrated community and for being so incredibly supportive. I especially thank all the employees who had been very honest with the survey in sharing their feelings with us, because it motivated us to do better for them and thus, we are here today receiving this award. Together, we overcame every problem and challenges which have now become the milestones for us. Our collective team efforts have resulted in such incredible results, and it is a great achievement of each individual team member. Practice and feedback Practice your speech by yourself until you are familiar with the flow of it. How do you go about doing that? If I called out all those people we'd be here for quite some time! Ask for feedback on whether or not you've included everybody you should, how the speech links together, how your delivery could be improved. God has always been the one that enables me to progress, and what I feel is that the entire surrounding of mine from my parents to friends to colleagues to teammates, everybody is blessed through God. Slip in a quotation Before you finalize the content, check out these 'thank you quotations'. I cannot thank god enough for making my existence fruitful and ensuring that my focus drives through dedication throughout the deeds that I do for myself and the people related to me. And it's here. Share This.

The speeches have gone on so long, in fact, that the Guiness Book of World Records has recorded the longest Oscar speech ever given. Thank You!

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I will always remember this special gesture that you made to me with a lot of fond affection and love. The employees are only asked to fill the survey without mentioning their name or department. The introduction In the introduction or opening of your speech, you need to tell everyone the reason why you are giving a thank-you speech. This award is a symbol of our accomplishments. All the best! The company has also seen the downturn for 1 continuous year, but the constant and unconditional support that I have got from the staff, management, and the employees was outstanding, which motivated me to come over the challenge. While in your head your thoughts are clear and you know exactly what you are going to say, when you actually win the award, things are different. This is a token of our past efforts and also a push factor for our future endeavors. Take care to give the most important people the most time. Award Acceptance Speech Samples Winning an award is quite shocking in itself, and to give an acceptance speech thereafter can fluster you thoroughly. Note their names in ranking order- the most important first WHAT are you thanking them for? It's incredible!

In retrospect, I think it was a good thing because it made me want to only do better than I ever did. Right from the moment when the idea was conceived to the outline of the project which was initiated later on and until today, a lot of work has been done.

I appreciate the way you have treated me and made me feel though I am only a visitor here. Practice completes the speech process. Thanks but NO thanks!

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Every year, we internally conduct the bi-annual employee survey to determine what we are lacking at and what we are good at. Select Page Thank you Speech for Award If you receive an award or accolade, you may be called upon to deliver a thank you speech. But I feel that this is the first step to telling you how special you have made me feel.

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I cannot thank my parents enough for the education privilege that they have given me; without this it would have never been possible to reach such heights and stand in front of such skilled and well qualified people. Now we can move on to the bigger celebration. Sample thank you speech for receiving an award Here's a sample thank you speech for you to see how it could be done.

A message from the 'manners police' Here's a reminder that may sound a bit stuffy or even 'old-school'. Quick Thank You Speech Samples For Any Occasion Thank you for letting me be a part of your special celebration and making me a part of the occasion as well as the celebration.

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How to Write a Thank You Speech (with Pictures)