Writing about sensitive subjects

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Or do you want her to learn to trust with negative results delivering the message that trust is a bad choice. Having my books challenged and having people try to ban them will never stop me from writing about issues that I need to write about.

Who is it you're afraid of offending? Jay: Nine years before I came up with the idea for Thirteen Reasons Whya relative of mine attempted suicide.

Those letters mean so much to me. I re-experience the trauma and pain when I write my novels—in a way it gets it out—and I re-experience it, too, each time I edit my manuscripts. Specificity gives you a clearer focus to your writing; it also helps with content marketing strategy, as a wider topic can be broken down into several pieces of content to form a campaign in the long term.

I wanted to write about the situations from that emotional perspective, not as an adult looking back.

Sensitive topics to talk about

In addition to her own writing she is passionate about helping other writers find success through individualized consultations. First, a deep breath. Related Posts:. Although she writes about some of the harsh things teens go through, she also writes about healing, hope, and love, and finding courage and strength. They can heal. After a time-out, you can review your post to ensure that it comes from a place of passionate care, not anger. You must respect them. For instance, do you want your jaded woman to learn how to trust again with positive results delivering the message that, on balance, taking a chance on trust is worthwhile? Write for the teen who feels alone. How do you feel about this?

Then, when I began really looking at the teen landscape, I became aware of issues touching the lives of so many of them—abuse, neglect, the need for love at whatever cost, depression and suicide, etc. Truth is never didactic.

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On Writing About Sensitive (Trigger) Topics