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My sympathies are with him.

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Or they say, "I could write a book about that. Take the adjective "personal," as in "a personal friend of mine," "his personal feeling" or "her personal physician.

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The colonial powers were ousted by indigenous people everywhere who were understood to have their own cultural integrity. He said: "We see nothing but increasingly brighter clouds every month. Proceed with confidence, generating it, if necessary, by pure willpower. We head them up. Then I go over it once more, reading it aloud, and am always amazed at how much clutter can still be profitably cut. If you find that writing is hard, it's because it is hard. You have to talk about it. Thoreau said it, as we are so often reminded, and no American writer more consistently practiced what he preached. Who is this elusive creature the reader? Or they say, "I could write a book about that. When a big company recently announced that it was "decentralizing its organizational structure into major profitcentered businesses" and that "corporate staff services will be realigned under two senior vice-presidents" it meant that it had had a lousy year. Then you will go home and do it, and it will be infinitely better. Broadly, "A Full Autobiography covers an entire life from birth to the present.

He said: "We see nothing but increasingly brighter clouds every month. The same thing is true of writers.

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The personal friend has come into the language to distinguish him from the business friend, thereby debasing not only language but friendship. I did a little bit of research, and we all did, on what was an autobiography. Then I'll get to the larger issue of who the writer is and how to preserve his or her identity. Clutter is the language of the Pentagon throwing dust in the eyes of the populace by calling an invasion a "reinforced protective reaction strike" and by justifying its vast budgets on the need for "credible second-strike capability" and "counterforce deterrence. Commenting on that party, Paula Tarnapol Whitacre wrote: "Keeping someone alive across time"--that's the biographer's charge, Marc summed up. A small detail, you may saynot worth bothering about. The point of raising it now is to serve notice that clutter is the enemy, whatever form it takes. Be true to the culture you were born into. Sharing the stories aloud is an essential part of the value of these groups. Telling a writer to relax is like telling a man to relax while being prodded for a possible hernia, and, as for confidence, he is a bundle of anxieties. The rest is clutter. The colonial powers were ousted by indigenous people everywhere who were understood to have their own cultural integrity. Often it was just one word that got bracketed: the unnecessary preposition appended to a verb "order up" , or the adverb that carries the same meaning as the verb "smile happily" , or the adjective that states a known fact "tall skyscraper". An autobiography is the writing of a life by the person who lived that life.

In that way, biographers have something in common with gossips. Is it clear to someone encountering the subject for the first time?

How to write a memoir zinsser pdf

And the Stiles book, which was a biography, was moved out of the category, into History. They elevate the pain of the past with forgiveness, arriving at a larger truth about families in various stages of brokenness. Being told that something is interesting is the surest way of tempting the reader to find it dull; are we not all stupefied by what follows when someone says, "This will interest you"? Sell yourself, and your subject will exert its own appeal. The writer is making him work too hard, and the reader will look for one who is better at his craft. Use its energy to keep yourself going. It requires the writer to do two things which by his metabolism are impossible. We no longer head committees. The game is won or lost on hundreds of small details. The rest is clutter. It slows the reader and robs the writer of his personality, making him seem pretentious. Writing is, after all, a personal transaction between two people, even if it is conducted on paper, and the transaction will go well to the extent that it retains its humanity. Some days will go better than others; some will go so badly that you will despair of ever writing again. But I've noticed a new reason for avoiding "I" that runs even deeper than what is not allowed or what is undignified. He thinks of all the people who will read it.

You will reach for gaudy similes and tinseled adjectives, as if "style" were something you could buy at a style store and drape onto your words in bright decorator colors.

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Writing about Your Life: A Journey into the Past by William Zinsser, Paperback